About Eddie Trotta and Thunder Cycle Designs


Calling Eddie Trotta a custom bike builder is like saying Michelangelo just painted ceilings. A veritable Renaissance Man, Eddie’s interests and talents range far and wide. An accomplished musician, Eddie studied virtuoso piano at the Berklee College of Music. Active in his local community as well as the motorcycling community, he supports the Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County, Florida and has served on the board for the V-Twin Bikers Ball. As throttle man for his own Rampage Offshore Race Team, Eddie has won several aquatic world championships, including the prestigious Bacardi Cup! He’s also horsed around with Thoroughbreds for several years and has won over 100 races. Eddie has always had an eye for beauty and speed, which explains his avid interest in collecting exotic cars as well. And oh yeah, some where in there he also found time to design and build custom motorcycles for over 30 years, creating the Thunder Cycle Design legacy!  

With a background like this, its no wonder that when he finally focused full time on custom bikes, in less than 10 years Eddie Trotta became one of the planet’s pre-eminent Custom Motorcycle Designers. His personal touch and involvement in every machine Thunder Cycle creates has awarded him a long list of honors. In 2001 through 2003 he was one of only four Camel Roadhouse builders; in 2004 Eddie joined the Hard Rock Roadhouse; and he was the V-Twin Magazine Bike Builder of the Year, unquestionably one of the top honors in the custom bike world.  

Also in 2004, Eddie was invited by the Discovery Channel to star in their new series ‘the Great Biker Build Off’, and he has also appeared on many other television shows. Trotta and his team were awarded the Biker Picaso Award at the Discovery Ultimate Chop Awards Show. The Thunder Cycle enterprise is further distinguished by its favored status amongst celebrities, athletes, influential well-to-do clients, and other connoisseurs of great design from all walks of life. 

Take a good look at the machines of Eddie Trotta’s Thunder Cycle Design and you will see the attention to detail, the imagination, craftsmanship, and the perfection that places Eddie’s custom bikes in a class all of their own!